Getting Google AdSense Approved

get google adsense approved

Google Adsense

Getting your AdSense account approved is any blogger’s dream but it can be a nightmare if you don’t know where to start! Creating a website is easy, writing original and good quality content is also relatively easy. But are those two points enough to get your Adsense approved?

No. There are a few factors in Google’s AdSense criteria for Adsense approval.

If you need help creating a website, please see How to Create a Website.

Google AdSense Criteria

  • Be above the age of 18.
  • Domain ownership.
  • Site compliance with AdSense policies.
  • Have a Privacy Policy, Contact us and About us page.
  • Quality of your work – good length and posts with good grammar. Consider using Grammarly.
  • Site’s user-friendliness – it must be responsive and easy to navigate.

These are the most important elements. And your application me declined if you don’t follow those steps and ensure they are in place.

Speeding up the AdSense process to get approved

Can you speed up the AdSense application process? Yes, you can! There are ways of letting Google know your site is ready, which I will explain shortly. The methods I will discuss helps get your site ready and listed on Google’s servers. Your site gets indexed much faster and you are on Google’s search results in no time.

It is important to know that ranking on Google takes a while and that depends on your site’s popularity. This guide is only to get your site “AdSense-ready” and speed up the process.

Methods to speed up the process for getting approved

  • Analytics – Create an Analytics account and link it to your website.
  • Search Console – Link Google Search Console with your website.
  • Site-Map – Submit a site-map to Google.

These plugins are also very useful.

  • YoastSEO
  • Jetpack
  • Ad Inserter
  • MailMunch

Doing these steps sends green lights to Google, letting them know your website is ready to be seen by the world.

Please note that the points listed and mentioned above are just guidelines but have worked for both myself and my clients in the past.

If you are looking for a guide on how to create your WordPress website from scratch and get it Google AdSense-ready by incorporating these methods, in detail, consider purchasing my in-depth guide with step-by-step instructions with screenshots. (will be available later this year, 2020)

I hope this article sheds some light on the topic! Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


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