How to Get Traffic to Your Website

how to get website traffic

In this article, I will be sharing ideas and methods on how to get traffic to your website. Nothing is more unpleasant than having a website that you have worked so hard on, taken hours to create each post, spent time researching your topic, just to get little or no views at all. I was in that same boat.  But over the last few months, I have researched different ways of generating traffic to my websites and the results are amazing. The methods I will be sharing with you today are very simple to follow and you will see results within the first three months if you follow my advice. Look, I cannot guarantee you 100’s of thousands of visitors flooding to your website, that is entirely up to you and your content. I can, however, help you with the basics of getting your site to appear on SERPs (search engine results pages) and creating an online presence in the social media world.

Before we dive into this article, I want you to look at these 5 keys. They play a massive role in generating organic traffic.

  • Is your site secure? Do you have a valid SSL certificate installed on your website(s)? This plays a vital role in how the world sees your page. Not only does it give your readers or customers peace of mind, but it shows Google and other platforms that your site is safe to send visitors to. If you do not have an SSL certificate installed on your page, contact your host’s support department and ask them to assist you in installing an SSL certificate on your website. Once this has been done, install a plugin called ” really simple SSL”, this plugin directs all traffic on your website through the HTTPS protocol.

how to generate traffic to my website, ssl certificate

  • Is your website user friendly and easy to navigate? Nothing is worse than browsing a website that has constant popups, redirections, and is full of spam.  Look, nothing is wrong with having popups or ads. That is how most of us generate our income and grow our audience. But take the time to set these things up correctly. For example, if you’ve got a popup asking the visitor to leave their email address, time the popup so that the user isn’t bombarded with popups and spam so that they immediately close your website. Place your ads manually. Read through your own content, and see where a good placement area for an ad would be. Taking the time in doing this will make sure your visitors spend more time on your website.
  • Do you practice good grammar? I can’t stress this enough! I see numerous websites with the worst grammar mistakes. If English is not your first language or you are not fluent in English, rather write your content in your mother tongue or hire freelancers to check and correct your work.  But if your main goal is to target potential English speaking visitors or buyers, please take the time in making sure your content is well written, easy to understand, and grammatically correct. Try installing Grammarly, this tool is ideal for the job!
  • The speed of your website plays a massive role. Consider a reliable hosting company, with a proven track record to ensure your website performs at optimal speeds.

  • Good quality content. Does your content provide visitors with valuable information? Does your content live up to the expectation that the title creates? Everybody, including search engines, hates, and penalize articles with misleading titles. This is considered as click bate and will just negatively impact your website. So be honest, be helpful, and live up to the expectation that you created.

Get Traffic to Your Website

Now that we have discussed the 5 keys to ensure your website quality is good and ready for visitors, we can dive into the methods of getting traffic to your website.

SEO (search engine optimization)

SEO can be a nightmare if you don’t know where to start, but once you understand SEO, the sky is the limit. There are hundreds of tools to help you with SEO and get you appearing in SERPs in no time.  In order to rank on search engine result pages, you will need the following;

  • Keyword research.  What is a keyword or keyphrase? For example, the keyphrase I am targeting in this article is ” How to Get Traffic to Your Website”.  There are a lot of platforms available for this, but I personally use Ubersuggest and highly recommend it. Take the time, do your research. I mean, what’s the point in writing an article if it has little or no potential readers? With Ubersuggest you can do your keyword research by seeing how many times your keyword or keyphrase is being searched per month, see who ranks for those keywords, and get more keyword ideas. So this helps you decide on worthy content before spending hours on an article that no one might be interested in.

how to get traffic to my website ubersuggest

As you can see for this example, I used the key phrase ” how to bake a cake”. The SEO difficulty is quite low, so it is easy to outrank the competition using that keyphrase as well as incorporating the keyword ideas below.


keyword ideas ubersuggest

  • SEO optimized content. I recommend installing a plugin called Yoast, as this will be a very helpful tool in the SEO game and become your best friend! It allows you to enter your keyword or keyphrase that you are targeting and helps you create your content accordingly. .  I took a screenshot of my Yoast results while typing this article so that you can see what it suggests. See below.

how to get traffic to my website\

So as you can see, with regards to the keyphrase, I am on track. I still need to fix a few other issues, but I will take care of that right before publishing this article. This is a great tool and really makes things simple!

  • Submit your sitemaps to search engines. Although Yoast submits your sitemap for indexing with search engines, I like to submit my sitemap manually through Google Search Console, at least the first time. What this does is that it shows the search engines that you are ready to appear in search results and your content is ready to be indexed.

how to get traffic to my website submit sitemaps

You can find your sitemap’s URL navigating to Yoast’s general settings, on the features tab. You will see “XML sitemaps”, click on that and “see the XML sitemap”. Those are the URL’s that you want to submit under Search Console.

That’s the basics to generate traffic using SEO. If you follow those steps and you did your keyword research, you should see results in 2-6 months. Although some sites, depending on SEO difficulty and search volume, can see results faster. One of my food-related websites saw results in as little as 3 weeks. But SEO generally takes time, but it is worth the wait. Nothing beats that feeling when you start getting that organic search engine traffic!

Social Media Traffic

This is both the hardest and easiest way to get traffic! Why do I say that? Well, it is all about the first impression! If your title and image doesn’t catch the eye of the potential visitor, you’ll lose out. But what makes it tricky is that you want them to click on your link and visit your page, but you don’t want to mislead them, remember. You want them to visit your website and spend time on there.

I will be focussing on three social media platforms today, I have had success with all of them. I will also be sharing articles and videos of creators that really helped me grow all of my websites.

  • Pinterest 

by far my favorite platform to share my content on for a number of reasons. The majority of traffic is from the USA. Pinterest is full of potential buyers.  They have over 300 million visitors per month.

To have success on Pinterest, you will need to be patient. As with Google, Pinterest is also a search engine, a visual search engine. But, there are shortcuts to rank faster and show up in results and be seen and ultimately get traffic to your website. My favorite tool that I highly recommend you get is Tailwind. This awesome tool is trusted by Pinterest and is a verified and authorised scheduler. Tailwind consists of niche relevant tribes, who share each others pins. Giving your pins MASSIVE exposure. Some of the members on Tailwind have a HUGE following. This means your pins will be seen right from the get-go. So, you might get a lot of traffic in the first week. But you will certainly be much better off with Tailwind than without it. I want you to take the time and watch this video by Anastasia, I have followed her videos and tutorials for the last few months and I have seen awesome results.

Now, it is important that you not only use Pinterest to promote your own content. Share other creators valuable content too. And be sure to follow Pinterest’s guidelines to avoid the suspension of you account.

Try and answer as much of the question, or query that led the people to your pin in the description. Include your keywords and keyphrases in the pin’s description. Make your pin stand out and give it a good title.

Pinterest can be one of the best marketing tools if used correctly, in fact, a lot of creators rely only on Pinterest traffic to make a living. So if you do not abuse their platform, you can build a massive following from there.

  • Facebook

I have had huge success with Facebook on some of my other websites. The lifespan of a Facebook post is not very long and is dependant on shares and other activity on your post. The way I make Facebook work for me with my other websites is to run ads. I understand that not everyone has the budget for it yet, but if you do have a bit of extra cash, you can’t go wrong with Facebook ads. The ads are very easy to set up and they have great targeting tools. So you can target people with certain interests, which is great.

how to get traffic to my website facebook ads

So, create a Facebook page, share it with friends and family and if you can, run ads to promote your Facebook page in order to get likes. Remember, once someone has liked your page, new posts that you publish will show up in their feed. And seeing that you acquired those users based on their interests, they are very likely to click through to your website, if the article is something they are interested in.

  • Twitter

Another great platform to get traffic from. I have not yet looked into running ads on Twitter, simply because I get a lot of traffic (on my other sites) from there. As with Facebook and Pinterest, it’s all about the visual and title first impression. If you make the first impression count, people are more likely to click through to your site. And another great feature of Twitter is the use of hashtags. So be sure to include relevant hashtags with your description. This will make your show up in Twitter search results easier, ultimately giving you more traffic from that platform.

Those are my favorite three social platforms. There are a lot more, and I encourage you to make use of all of them!

Get Traffic to your Website (Extra)

I cannot conclude this article without referring you to a great content creator. Some of you might know him. He does a lot of research in exploring free traffic sources. I’m talking about Mick Meaney from Profit Copilot. Be sure to check out this creators channel and be sure to subscribe.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article and I hope this will help you in gaining more website traffic! Feel free to have your say in the comment section below!

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Take care,

Steve Fouche

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