Online Freelancer Jobs and Opportunities

Online Freelancer Jobs and Opportunities

What is Freelancing?

Basically, freelancer jobs or opportunities are for people who have a certain skill or ability and you outsource your skills for a once-off fee or a commission. You can do this from the comfort of your own home. There are a number of different freelancing opportunities and a few great platforms to promote yourself and engage with new potential clients.

I suggest you look into Fiverr and list your services. Alternatively, you can find freelancers and outsource some tasks, like writing an article for your blog or website. See my article on “How to Create a Website.“. This is a great platform to make use of if you don’t feel too confident in your own writing at first.

Freelancer Jobs and Opportunities

I have tried out various methods in the past, searching for opportunities to make money online as a freelancer, searching for freelancer jobs. And I have stumbled upon a few websites that I have actually earned revenue from.

The market is very competitive so it is very important to produce high-quality work! Grammar, meeting deadlines, and efficiency are a MUST for you to be successful in this method.

Is Freelancing for me?

Something to keep in mind with freelancing, the chance of you becoming rich overnight is very slim. Who knows, you might hit it big when listing a service that is in demand! But this method can be very lucrative if done right. You will be able to build a reputation and thus receive more projects from new and existing clients. It is very time consuming but can be very rewarding!

List Of Freelancing Platforms

By far one of my favorites! can be very lucrative and generate good money. I have to warn you, they are strict when it comes to the quality of work and your account can get suspended in a flash! is online transcription service. Projects or “jobs” are uploaded constantly by clients all around the globe. All projects have deadlines. The deadlines are fair, being between 3-24 hours. That gives you more than enough time to complete and review the project.

Another thing to keep in mind, their clients being all around the world, means that you may sometimes encounter very heavy accents that are difficult to understand. Luckily they do have a very user-friendly platform that allows you to preview the projects before taking them on!

Be sure to accept a project that you feel comfortable with. Make sure that you have enough time to put aside to finish the project. It is detrimental to your reputation.

As with, this platform also allows you to take on projects. This site is more versatile and there are many different avenues you can choose from as your specialty. Sign up here. Some of the services they offer are;

  • Voice Over Artists – If you’ve got a great voice that you believe belongs in the trailer of the next big Hollywood Blockbuster or on radion ads, then definitely consider creating an account with Fiverr.
  • Transcription Services – As with, you can also list yourself as a transcriptionist.
  • English Lessons – You do not have to have a Master’s to teach someone the basics of the English language. There are people out there willing to pay to learn the simple everyday words and sentences.
  • Website Building – Help your clients build awesome websites!

There is a whole bunch of services available on, too many to mention here! Which also means there is a lot of competition. But again, when you show the quality of work and give the best service you possibly can, you’ll build a large client base in no time.

How do you get paid?

They pay via PayPal.

I have only recently stumbled upon The reviews I have read about the platforms are really good. There is a lot of “jobs” at any given time. Task difficulty ranging from easy to advanced. I will write a detailed review on once I have tried it for myself.

Freelancer jobs and opportunities – Take away message

You can definitely make a living from freelancing. It is something that takes a bit of learning and getting used to, but you will gain experience and be able to accomplish more in less time! I wish you all the best in your quest to find the best freelance jobs and opportunities. You can achieve financial freedom from the comfort of your own home! Good luck to you!

Be sure to contact me if you have any suggestions or questions!


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